We're kicking off our Space Study series with Daryl Oh of Holyrad - you'll recognize her from a previous post on converting her Bushwick coworking space for a live art event on New Year's Eve. 

Beyond a killer eye for aesthetics, and major hostessing skills (we highly recommend attending one of their events if you're in the neighborhood), Daryl's own resume makes her more than equipped to make magic at her studio. 

As Oh intended, Holyrad serves as multipurpose hub for creating content, producing video and photo shoots and a coworking office for emerging artists. The space, and team, remain malleable enough to meet the varied needs of Holyrad clients. The addition of a Visual Magnetics feature wall offers a large writable surface for brainstorming, central location for noting team announcements, and the perfect place to magnetically post pitch plans. 

Holyrad is the epitome of a blank canvas, flooded with natural light, and complete with a garage door that opens it up to the community it's providing with a new creative space. This new take on office space, prioritizes flexible, making it the perfect place for a shoot, pop-up shop or art exhibition -- the team does it all, and needs a space that follows suit.

1. Tell us a bit about your professional background: 

I started freelancing when I was in college. I was about 19 years old and I started taking pictures of events and nightlife in NYC. 12am call times and 9am deadlines. It was one of most exciting yet difficult conditions to shoot in, but it made me quick on my feet and I developed a great work ethic. 

2. How did you come up with the Holyrad name and concept? 

It's really silly, actually. My 7th grade boyfriend and I were coming up with our DJ names during an after-school spinning class. Not like Soul Cycle, but for mixing drum and bass. We were casually jotting down ideas, when he noticed my name spell backwards was pretty rad... and the name has been with me ever since Holyrad Studio --> ho lyrad --> Daryl Oh

3. When did Holyrad open? 

I signed the lease about a year ago, but we didn't have our grand opening until about June of last year. 

4. How many are on the Holyrad team?

On paper, it's just me, but during the day to day we have about 7 official contributors, who get free access to the space as a studio, event venue, or office in exchange for their expertise. They have become like family and we would not be where we are today without all of the incredible work and belief they have in the mission of Holyrad Studio.

5. What type of projects typically take place in Holyrad?

I don't know if there is a "typical" project at Holyrad, which is kind of what makes our community so unique. Our studio is used for mostly photo and video work focusing from high fashion to head shots to the personal work of our collective members. Our gallery has featured some of this work, but again we have had everything from a conceptual modern dance installation to live mural paintings.

6. How did you become connected with Visual Magnetics?

Through one of amazing original members Victoria Ng, close friend and roommate of the amazing Tori Deetz! Victoria pitched the idea of having them exchange a VM installation for space to shoot their instructional videos and I've been obsessed ever since. I'm constantly bragging about our beautiful magnetic walls and I always get excited when you see peoples reactions.

7. Which features sold you on the space?

Is it too cheesy to say a I just had that feeling? Technically speaking, it would have to have been the windows. What photo nerd doesn't dream of a corner unit in Brooklyn?

8. If you had to describe your aesthetic in one word, what would it be?

Ergonomic, form and function must go hand in hand. I think we should all strive to be like the best designer of all, Mother Nature. She never creates something without purpose or intention.